While it may seem like a new idea, the stapleless stapler is nothing new. The ability to put papers together without any staple or metal clip has been around for decades. Some of the older designs may have used a method where some unsightly hole is pushed throughout your documents. However, some of the newest models in staple free staplers will only crimp the corners to help you keep anywhere from five to eight pages attached to one another safely and securely.

Finding the Best Stapleless Stapler

It’s not easy to get the design of a stapleless stapler right. Many companies have tried over the years and only a few have succeeded. Ideally the machine binds as many pages as possible together in a single action. We review the greatest models currently around. In the table below you can find our results.

How We Review

Our review equipment for the stapleless staplers

In order to accurately compare the staplers we needed some equipment. Here is our standard test setup:

  • Stopwatch
  • Sample papers: 80g weight
  • Camera
  • Force measurement

Why Go Staple Free?

It goes without saying that a stapler has become the hallmark for office supplies for many years now. Even though the stapler is a commonly used appliance in most schools, offices, and homes across the globe, there had been little in the way of serious innovation until the last decade or so. Many people are used to the way that staplers works, which is pretty cut and dry.

The appliance simply pierces the sheets of paper and uses a small piece of metal to hold them together. Because it is so straightforward and helpful, it is easy to see why there are so many people who would have never given much thought when it comes to the need of using a stapler that does not require staples. When looking at a staple free stapler, this is a device that comes with some incredibly important environmental advantages, which is why it is entering into a world of much wider use.

How They Work

The four steps that a stapleless stapler makes to connect several pieces of paperIf you have never had the chance to see or experience using a stapleless stapler, you will quickly become drawn to its splendor and simplicity.

These innovative stapling devices only punch a small hole into the pages that are to be attached, or they will crimp the pages at the corner, all depending on the kind of staple free stapler that you buy. Instead of taking the paper out that is punched from the whole, the document will remain intact on one side and is then folding back to form a sort of tab. The tab then gets tucked into a slit that is created by the staple free stapler to help make sure that the connection will be nice and secure, just as it would be if you had a stapler with little metal staples.

Disadvantages And Advantages

Not every company can move to a completely paperless office environmentWhile many people will complain that a stapler that is free of staples is only going to attach a small number of sheets, this is an option that is very eco-friendly. By using this innovative stapler, you will have the ability to cut back on the amount of metal that ends up getting discarded out into the environment.

While the fastening itself may not be quite as sturdy as metal, depending on the stapler that you buy, you are also getting an advantage in their being less energy that goes into the production of the staple free staplers. Having a device that does not use metal staples will also help to cut down on any staple jam, there will be a limited amount of hassle when it comes to trying to pull the pages apart, and you will not have any injuries to your fingers or accidental snags that can ruin your clothing.

While you are shopping around, you will find that there are some different staple free staplers that you will have the chance to buy on the market today. Not only are they widely sold online, but you will find a variety of them at your local office supply store. While the function remains the same for these staplers, the machine that you buy may be shaped like some kid friendly character, as a round button shape, or even something that is oblong and looks just like a traditional stapler.

If you are looking to cut back on metal waste in the environment around you, or if you are simply tired of having to buy replacement staples or you are getting a lot of jams and snags, you will see that a stapleless stapler will be an excellent choice for your home, office or classroom.

What Are the Environmental Impact of Staples

Traditional stapler setup requires a lot of resourcesAre you concerned about the environment and the ways that humankind has been treating the planet? Do you want to understand the environmental impact of the choices that you make in your life? Have you begun to seriously consider the things that you can do, both at home and at work, to make things better? If any of this sounds like you, then you might have started to wonder about the environmental impact of staples.

These little pieces of metal have been used for a long time to help secure pieces of paper together. Offices around the world depend on these tiny things to keep things organized. In fact, many homeowners even have one sitting around for ease of securing papers together. Students need to be able to put their critical writings in an organized manner according to the instructions provided by teachers and professors.

While the web has changed much of how business is done in the modern world, there are still many documents floating around that demand the use of staples. However, you need to think about these things and how much they could be damaging the planet.

Sure, staples are tiny. You might be thinking that the small amount of metal that is used to make them is not even worth giving consideration to when compared to the other things in the world that require much more metal to create. But if you look at it in this manner, you are missing out on the big picture. Each and everything that is done has a cumulative impact on the environment.

Have you ever given much thought to what goes into the manufacture of staples? Most people don’t. They just grab the box, pull out a strip of staples and put them in the stapler unit when it runs out. You need to think about the overall process though if you are going to transform yourself into a green machine!

The process of making staples includes extracting the metals used from the earth and then going through the manufacturing process to make them the correct size and shape. This requires a bunch of machinery, which releases toxins into the environment when being used. Although laws have been changed in recent decades to make manufacturers more accountable for the impact of their processes on the planet, there is still damage done in these factories.

We use tons of paper that is very bad for the environmentOn top of that, other manufacturing processes are involved with staples. The boxes, for storage and transportation, are made of paper, and a lot of fossil fuels are burned to move them around. Many folks are beginning to see that trees are not an unlimited resource. The boxes that are used to package staples are one more contributor to the overall loss of trees everywhere.

Don’t forget about the stapler itself when you are examining the environmental impact of staples. These require even more metal and processing. When they break and are no longer operational, these things land in the garbage, where they are headed to your local landfill. Countless staplers are contributing to the landfills that are destroying the planet everywhere.

Not only that but have you ever thought about the staples that get thrown away after you are finished with the document? While paper can often be recycled, the staples cannot go into the same bin as the paper itself. These little things are often another contributor to the landfill mess. Sure, they don’t take up as much room as your kitchen appliances that have made it to your local recycling center. However, they are far more plentiful, and there is a cumulative effect that comes from them being tossed daily.

If we want to improve the world, then staples are one more thing that we need to get rid off. While you might not be able to eliminate them from your life entirely, you can begin to minimize your use and make sure that you are recycling everything that you can when it is no longer needed. Reading this article is the first step on your new journey!